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My one-on-one training programs are designed to get you to be the strongest and most confident you’ve ever been in your life.  This is not your typical workout program: I blend bodyweight strength training, weight training, functional range conditioning and mobility work, as well as yoga flows!  I teach you how to move.  I help you build a resilient body that is capable and strong with a program that’s fun, creative, and challenging!

This is a fully customized program built to meet your needs and goals.  Video instruction for each exercise, workout, and flow is included, as well as warmup and breathwork.    This program can be created to be home-based or gym-based.

The nutrition protocol is designed to teach you intuitive eating in a healthy, sustainable way that fits your body’s needs.   You will receive tons of nutritional knowledge and you will learn how to eat in an unrestricted, joyful way that’s in line with your goals.  Click the link below to apply, and I’ll reach out to you to set up a video call to talk more in-depth about your goals for the program.

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