Platinum Package

The most comprehensive training program I offer!

Highly detailed training program including all exercises to be performed, description of exercises, and warm-up protocol. This program can be home-based or gym-based. The nutrition program is based on a meal template, not a rigid meal plan. This is flexible and designed to teach you how to eat properly and in a way that's sustainable. The flexibility of this program will help you learn how to cook for yourself in addition to eat out at restaurants- while staying in line with your goals. Weekly check-ins with me will help us to determine changes and updates to be made to your program..

  • Support and assistance for those unfamiliar with flexible dieting and tracking macros (if you choose to track).
  • Constant support and your own personal cheering section (I won’t let you fail!)
  • Educational in-person training sessions to keep you on track with your program.
  • Access to me via phone call, text, or email
  • Weekly check-in via phone call, email, or Skype
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Gold Package

Training & Nutrition Only

This includes everything that is listed in the Platinum Package, without the face-to-face training sessions. This is a great option for someone who lives outside of the Baltimore area, or has a schedule that doesn’t permit in-person sessions. Weekly check-ins and constant contact will allow you to keep in good touch with me and ensure adherence to the program.

Face-to-Face Training

Please email to inquire about the in-person training that I offer! Sessions will take place at the Pandion Performance Center in Baltimore, MD (in the Inner Harbor) or I will travel to your gym or home (within a specified distance). I offer on-on-one and group training classes.

12 Weeks to Fit Program

This is a great option for someone who wants a customized training program to help them get started in the gym, boost fat loss or muscle growth, or bust through a plateau. This program is 12 weeks and is fully catered to the client, but does not include the in-person training sessions that are included with the Platinum Package. This is a great option for anyone on a budget who wishes to get started with training or change up their current routine. For this program, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire and receive:

  • Nutrition programming catered to your needs and goals
  • Highly detailed training program including all exercises to be performed, warm-up, description of exercises, cardio if necessary
  • Detailed explanation of nutrition and meal ideas
  • Weekly check-ins via email

I design your program based on your lifestyle, goals, and time restraints. While there are many three-month “kickstart” programs available for a similar price, most are generic and meant to be one-size-fits-all, which means that the program is not tailored to the individual and is not optimal. With my program, you’re guaranteed to start your fitness journey on the right track because it’s designed to fit your life and body.

This program can only be purchased once. If you want further training after the completion of this program, you must purchase one of the other training options.

All of the above training packages require you to fill out a detailed intake form that will allow me to learn as much as possible about your goals, lifestyle, and health and fitness history.

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